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For private use, you are free to copy this music for your own use, or for the private use of other individuals. The restrictions on this keep going round with the music as it gets passed on. See license above.

I know that some people, myself included, occasionally like to have CDs of music to play - in the car for example. You should feel free to burn this music to a CD for such use. In fact, becaue I'm such a nice man, I'm going to provide some resources to help you do that, in the form of printable versions of the CD inlay and back sheet.

These are provide as PDFs for easy printing, you should print them then cut them out. I'm even going to give you the PDF with two back sheets in to save paper of you are going to make more than one CD (can you think of anyone who might like one as a gift?) To get the file right-click the link and choose the relevant "save linked content" or "save as" or whatever option the browser of your choice gives for downloading files.

The cover should be folded in half and inserted in the flappy opening part of the CD case, so that it faces outwards and rests behind the little plastic tabs at the top and bottom.

The back sheet is a bit trickier. To get it in you have to gently prize off the big bit of plastic which includes the tabby bits which actually hold the CD in place. This often seems to resist quite a lot so gently increase the pressure until it pops out. The printed sheet needs a couple of good creases so that the spine and outer edge lie in the right places, and then the plastic piece needs gently but firmly encouraging back into its place.

I have also given you a link to the front cover on it's own in JPEG format.

And as if that all wasn't generous enough, I have also provided a JPEG of the cover art in a form that is designed to be printed on a CD label which is then stuck on the actual CD itself to make it look nice.

If you haven't already downloaded the MP3 files of the music, I also provide handy links to Zip files which contain complete album kits (the music and all the art files). Enjoy. Actually, for BODY:MIND:SPIRIT the zip contains special versions of the tracks which have a few seconds silence removed. This is because despite the fact that the album is pretty much 80 mins (the limit for a CD) I struggled to find authoring software that didn't need that extra bit shaved off. If you have really clever software that allows you to create a pause before a track plays, you should ahve 2 seconds pause before track 2 and 3 seconds before track 3 to get the authentic experience.

Please, please, please don't make CDs and then sell them. You're not allowed to do that. Please see the legal page for more details.

If you like the music or feel guilty about getting it for free, you can always donate via paypal

11 Bells cover

11 Bells

11 Bells cover

Under A Binary Tree

BMS cover


MV cover

Mimetophonic Windows