BMS (2012)

On solid rock and floating ice, the musketeers have paid a price, to three wise men and three blind mice
Lost in a stolen desert lies, the apple of their inner eyes, which Newton's levity defies.
Still, ABC and XYZ, down bifurcating pathways led, and came to rest, once quick, now dead.

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BODY:MIND:SPIRIT is the third album of the Purple musical project. Nearly two years in the creation, this is the most ambitious album yet, both in musical diversity and production values.

The focus is on the number three, on trilogies, on triplicates and on triplets. There are three tracks, with nine sections each: three groups of three. Each section (well nearly all) is 3 minutes long, making a whopping 80 minutes of music in total.

The breakdown:

  (1.1-1.3) Triple Point
    1.1 Flow
    1.2 Fly
    1.3 Freeze
  (1.4-1.6) TARDIS
    1.4 Left-Hand System
    1.5 Tick-Ticking away
    1.6 Bifurcating Trousers
  (1.7-1.9) The Unified Field Theory
    1.7 Zap
    1.8 Poles Apart
    1.9 The Earth Sucks
  (2.1-2.3) Black Box
    2.1 We Can Work It Out
    2.2 I Can See Clearly Now
    2.3 Thanks For The Memories
  (2.4-2.6) The Scientific Method
    2.4 Physical Acts
    2.5 Biological Imperative
    2.6 Chemical Attraction
  (2.7-2.9) Terpsichore
    2.7 Hit It!
    2.8 An Harmonic History
    2.9 The Rutland Reel
  (3.1-3.3) The Trinity
    3.1 Abba
    3.2 The Word
    3.3 The Comforter
  (3.4-3.6) The Temptations
    3.4 The Lust Of The Flesh
    3.5 The Lust Of The Eyes
    3.6 The Pride Of Life
  (3.7-3.9) The Pilgrim's Progress
    3.7 Darkness
    3.8 180
    3.9 The Gleaming Cube


This album has used numerous sound effects from various sources:

  • [1.1] rain-6
  • [1.1] river-6
  • [1.2] Steam train recorded by D Bailey at used with permission (the file is cd26_31 and is of the engine 46115 departing from York. 17th August 2011)
  • [1.5] Clock-winding-2
  • [1.5] Clock-Ticking-5
  • [1.7] Electric-drill-1
  • [1.7] cell-phone-1-nr0
  • [1.7] cell-phone-1-nr9
  • [1.7] cell-phone-1-nr7
  • [1.7] cell-phone-1-nr5
  • [1.7] cell-phone-1-nr1
  • [1.7] cell-phone-1-nr3
  • [1.7] telephone-ring-3
  • [1.7] thunder-01
  • [1.8] Isner vs Mahoud Tennis match at Wimbledon 2010 (24th June), commentary by Ronald McIntosh & Greg Rusedski for the BBC
  • [1.8] England Vs Germany match which was played during the world cup 2010 (27th June) commentary by Mark Lawrenson & Guy Mowbray. Match of the Day Live BBC
  • [2.5] Slow_HeartBeat-Mike_Koenig-1853475164.wav Recorded by Mike Koenig Att3 CC license
  • [3.4] Party Corsica S from SoundBible (Sampling plus 1.0) CC license
  • [3.4] Crowd-talking-3.wav SoundJay
  • [3.4] Restaurant Ambiance Recorded by stephan PD Att3 CC license
  • [3.6] Ole Recorded by Mike Koenig Att3 CC license
  • [3.8] Light Bulb Recorded by Mike Koenig Att3 CC license
  • [3.9 Cube] Heart Rate Monitor Recorded by Mike Koenig Att3 cc License

In a few places there are musical nods, tributes, lines or small sections taken from teh work of other people. I would hate for credit to not go where it is due, and so here is a list of this petty theft

  • Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherzade theme from Scheherezade
  • Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There?
  • Scott Joplin - The Entertainer
  • Gustav Holst - In The Bleak Midwinter
  • Unknown - God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
  • Isaac Albéniz - Asturias (from Suite española, op. 47)
  • Solomon Linda - The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

And finally I would like to acknowledge that the tune Seaton Sluice used in section 2.9 is by Dan Hodgson and Kathy Clegg, and that the album features additional vocals by Sammy and Lizzie Hodgson

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