Other musical projects by the same artist

I recorded a dark ambient "work" called "Barefoot Symphony" under the name "Trash Vortex". This was originally put together because my brother was listening to more and more experimental music, so I thought I would have a go. He didn't like it, and prefers Purple. You can stream it here at last.fm or download it from this site but be warned it is very different from the Purple project: random, and non-melodic; altogether rather inacessible.

I am involved with the music group on a week-to-week basis at Jesmond Parish Church (here is a page about my beliefs). I play bass and guitars regularly, sometimes percussion and occasionally direct the music. Why not come for a listen? For a while I appeared regularly in this capacity on Clayton.tv too.

I am also involved in a local Ceilidh Band, the Pan Haggerty Ceilidh Band, in which I play guitar and call the dances, and I seem to lug about all the PA equipment.

Many years ago I recorded a couple of albums, realeased entirely on cassette tape, under the name "Dan the Man", and if I feel the need to do original singer/songwriter stuff again I will probably use that name.

Gerald Twinge is an alter ego I use for recording cover songs. This started out as a mildly comic enterprise, and I have produced one CD of this stuff. It is not generally available because of the the copyright issue. I have recorded some more covers since then, but seem to be taking their recording a bit too seriously, so the project is stalled.

I'm also wondering about some less serious but original poppy stuff, maybe under the name "Jimmy Mango".