The legal status of Purple's music

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

While I am currently making Purple music free to download and stream online this is for personal use only, or to be passed on to friends under a similar arrangement. This music is NOT in the public domain and I retain the copyright on it.

Dan Hodgson (that's me) is the copyright holder of the music, the arrangement, the recordings, the cover art (including original photos) and text, and all the text on this website as well, and the graphics here, and just about everything in the Purple project that can be said to have copyright. It's mine, my precious.

You must not do any of the following without my written permission

  • Use this music for profit*. This includes it being used in part or in whole as part of another work, eg film, montage, etc. Don't use it in adverts, don't make copies and sell them. If you get caught all that money will be mine.
  • Re-record or reproduce this music. You might do a better job than me but I still own the copyright so there.
  • Accredit this music to anyone else: not to yourself, not to your next door neighbour** and not to Eric Clapton.
  • Change, mangle, reconstruct or reverse engineer this music. It think it just fine as it is.
  • Distribute CDs of these albums using any covers other than the ones provided on this website, or plain, clearly written ones.
  • Oh, and all the same things apply to the cover art and text.

I retain the right at any time to stop distributing the music for free. To be honest if someone offered me a publishing contract I'd probably take it, I mean wouldn't you?

This music is distributed "as is" and I am not liable if it is sub-standard, badly recorded, or just plain unmusical. If it breaks your headphones, bursts your eardrums or drives your partner out of the house I am in no way liable. Please enjoy it responsibly.

If you donate, you are not buying the music. We are not entering into a sales contract, you cannot get your money back and you don't have consumer rights. You donate of your own free will. I am not a non-profit organisation and cannot benefit from gift aid, nor are your donations tax-deductable (unless you can justify them to the tax man in some way) I am not VAT registered.

*Unless it is for use covered by PPL, PRS or MCPS licence, or equivalent national rights licensing body or bodies. ISRC codes for all of the MP3 tracks are embedded in the ID3V2 tag.

**Unless your next door neighbour is me!